Only for smart starters

Smart starters are better off hiring a specialised lawyer. Today, making a difference and a sound launch are essential. In our approach to starters, we guide young entrepreneurs through the tangle of fiscal, structural and commercial challenges

Professional & legal support gives a boost

We reflect together with your accountanton a number of very essential basics. We ensure not only that you get off to a good start, but above all that you are not faced with unexpected obstacles in the near future.

  • Legal form: company or sole proprietorship
  • Shareholder structure and agreement
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Organisation and contracts
  • Tax
  • ...
Everyday is an opportunity for a
great opportunity.

We think of everything, so you can focus on the operational aspects and on growing your company. We guide you as starter, together with your team and accountant, to give you preventive support so that you are not faced with surprises at the start of your career.

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