Worry-free entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is taking the reins and ensuring that everything moves in the right direction with the right partners. Getting good guidance from legal experts really does make a difference.

Tax law, corporate law and commercial law

We assist our clients with advice, guidance and procedures throughout their entire corporate journey. We negotiate at your side or on your behalf, making comprehensive agreementsand always on the lookout for lasting relationships with each stakeholder. Starter, grower, transferor or acquirer: want to export or expand your distribution? Our experts know what to do.

Our lawyers love to think and work with a long-term perspective. We respond quickly, are flexible and talk to your accountant, auditor, competitor or notary because we believe in the power of collaboration, dialogue and lasting relationships. We believe that prevention is still better than a cure, and always work preventively to more quickly anticipate all possible conflicts with the tax authorities, customers or any other stakeholder.

For succession planning,we advise and assist you in setting up a partnership in the context of better family planning.


How strong is your legal backbone?

A company is only as strong as its foundations. These include not only your assets and liabilities, but above all the collection of understandings, contracts and agreements, structures, intellectual property and much more. A successful company is organised efficiently, has a better cash flow, and has its legal backbone in order.

Curious about your legal backbone? 

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