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We are happy to work with accountants

At NOVIUS, we believe a good accountant – like a good lawyer – is of crucial importance for each entrepreneur. When accountant and lawyer are able to work together as a team on their clients company, you can make an even greater difference.

The power of collaboration

Preparing a financial plan, coordination with the payroll services firm, NACEBEL code and UBO registration, VAT, accounting and taxation... All matters that are indispensable to a successful business that are covered thanks to the accountant. Accountants are often confronted with legal issues that require specific expertise, and it is good that we can form a team with you to serve your client even better.

We value this complementarity, which represents added value for your clients. We see that a strong strategy developed together with you as accountant often results in a stronger tactical position for the client. This strategy ensures that preventive procedures can be avoided and that we are in a much stronger position during tax audits.

Everyday is an opportunity for a
great opportunity.

Also convinced of the added value of a lawyer on your team? As accountant, do you want to offer your client even better service and relieve it of unnecessary worries? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are accustomed to working, talking and growing with accountants. 

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