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We ensure that all the legal challenges you face as an entrepreneur are covered, and assist you and your company in determining what you need to be even stronger in your market.


Everything you need to engage in worry-free entrepreneurship!

As a law firm specialising in tax and coporate law,we have an answer to many business challenges.

From the very beginning, we assist starting entrepreneurs with setting up a structure and strategy regarding the company’s legal form. This aspect is crucial and often too little thought through. At Novius, we take the time to do it right, and consider your current situation, your ambitions and the potential of the company. 

From start-up to scale-up, through growth by mergersor acquisitions, due diligence, share transferand management buyout,to liquidation or bankruptcy. Our passionate team of lawyers can assist you at each stage of your business. Including in substantial matters such as intellectual property rightsand copyrights, insolvency, restructuring, inheritance rightsand succession planning, corporate taxes, personal taxes and income taxes, M&A, strategyand restructuring.  We guide you and your company through the legal process with advice, support and procedures.

Finally, we are often also appointed as mediator. So we know the importance of negotiations in obtaining a mediated solution out of court.

Everyday is an opportunity for a
great opportunity.

We consider all the relevant agreements: commercial contracts,management agreements, distribution agreements or that one crucial contract that reassures you, for example about your eventual commercial lease,to keeping your corporate housekeepingup to date. We make all the vital agreements needed to protect and safeguard companies from litigation and future problems. Rest assured, nothing will be overlooked and, thanks to our many years of experience, we not only know the ropes, but also have expertise in-house for every corporate or tax need.

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